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Forest School Day

October 13th, 2023

Our 6th annual celebration day to connect, share and celebrate everything that is great and wonderful about Forest School. In an extra special year, as we celebrate 30 years UK Forest School!

This year our mission is to ‘Connect’ us all together through our new ‘Connects’ Campaign.

Forest School Day 2023

Join in and get involved

Forest School Days vision is to connect our Forest School community through an international, annual celebration day.  There are several ways to get involved. Whether you are a Forest School Community, individual or supporter.


You are all invited! Connect with the Forest School community in the UK and across the world. Let us know how you are celebrating and we will add you to the celebration map!


Share your love of Forest School. Let people know you are celebrating on Social Media. Share your celebration ideas and inspire others to join in too. #ForestSchoolDay


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Craft Playful & joyful celebrations in the Forest School values way. Connect with other Forest Schools and see how others are celebrating. See our new Connect Campaign!

Introducing the Forest School Day 'Connects' Campaign

We are in our 6th year of Forest School Day and boy have we have come  a long way. With your help we have had fun shaping what Forest School Day looks like, its values and how how to celebrate Forest School. We have listened to all your ideas and thoughts on how to make Forest School Day even better.  One suggestion was to encourage further connections between participants, both in the UK and Internationally.


Forest School Day Globe

We are introducing a new initiative this year,  inviting you to join in with the Forest School Day ‘Connects’ Campaign  

Its simple to get involved:

  1. Have fun searching for and inviting a Forest School individual or school to connect with during this 30th year of celebration.  They can be from your country or internationally!
  2. Enter into the registration form that you are interested in joining in the Connects Campaign. 
  3. During the next year connect and explore ways to share with each other your love of forest school, maybe through letters or events. Then in Forest School Day October 11th 2024, we can share our connects stories.  

Forest School Day Celebration Map

Let’s do this together!

Thousands or people all over the world are celebrating Forest School during October. Just Register your celebration and we will add you to the map. 

You do not need to be holding a celebration to join in, you can be added to the map as a supporter here I Love Forest School. Or by going onto social media and sharing with people why you love Forest School. #ForestSchoolDay

Visit the #ForestSchoolDay to beautiful Forest School celebrations all over the world!

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Share the idea of Forest School, let people know how you are celebrating and your love of Forest School #ForestSchoolDay @ForestSchoolDay

About Forest School Day?

Forest School Day is an international celebration held on the second Friday of October. Everyone is welcome it is an opportunity for the whole Forest School Community to once a year celebrate Forest School.