Forest School Day

October 8th, 2021

Our 4th annual celebration day to connect, share and celebrate everything that is great and wonderful about Forest School.  

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You are all invited! Connect with the Forest School community. Let us know how you are celebrating!


Inspire others by sharing your own Forest School celebration ideas on Social Media. 

#ForestSchoolDay, @ForestSchoolDay


Craft Playful & joyful celebrations in the Forest School values way. Right across the UK and the world.

We are driven by our love of Forest School

Forest School Days vision is connect our Forest School community through an annual celebration day and inspire others to get involved.  

Celebrations map 2021

How are you going to celebrate your Forest School community? View how others are celebrating on our new Forest School Day celebrations map! Register for an opportunity to be included on the map.

Note: Use the search box in the lower righthand side of the map to search the registrations, or filter by region using the filter box in the top righthand side of the map. Use the plus and minus signs in the bottom righthand corner of the maps to zoom in and out.

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Lets do this together!

This years celebration registrations are coming in thick and fast. We are all set to exceed last years number, connecting the Forest School community on Forest School Day. Have a look at last years map, it is so uplifting to see how others celebrated Forest School Day.

See how we celebrated FSD in 2020...

Forest School Celebrations

Hear from Jo Phillips one of the Directors of Forest School Day and find out how one Forest School setting is celebrating in a Forest School values way.

Be inspired

We invite you all to connect, share and celebrate Forest School on Forest School Day. 

Hear Jon Cree tell us about how one school is celebrating  The joy of Forest School .