We did it! 

October 12th 2018 saw our first annual celebration of UK forest school. It was a great success with the website being viewed over 3,000 times. In fact, one of our Facebook page posts had a reach of 10,300! We had over 200 individuals engage with the forest school team through the social media pages, signing up for updates and emailing us direct. Not bad for a new idea.

Your ideas and celebrations were fabulous

Check out our Facebook page where people have shared the images of their forest school day celebrations. Have a look at our news page “a little bird told me” to have a look at the celebrations. We are receiving more images all the time. Please keep sending them in 123@forestschoolday.org

A chance to be in the Forest School Day short film

Woodlands.co.uk kindly organised for a filmmaker to capture the essence of the first Forest School Day celebrations on October 12th.  We are looking for images, short clips and any quotes to include in the film. The filming itself took place at a community event in Hertfordshire, at a local school whose forest school is an integral part of their school life. The children have all attended regular forest school programmes from nursery up to year 6.

Send in your photos, short clips, soundbites, quotes and creative writing to 123@forestschoolday.org

25-year logo competition the winner is…

I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone who made this possible, got in contact and celebrated with us.  It was fabulous to be a part of the celebrations, Forest School Day turned out far better than I could of ever hoped for. Thank you you are all awesome.

Roll on the next Forest School Day, October 11th, 2019!

Katey Hugi

Forest School Day, founder

This is only the beginning for Forest School Day, planning for the 2019 celebration day has already started. Get in touch if you would like to get involved or with any celebrations ideas,


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