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25th Birthday Cake

Woodland cakes

The great woodland bake-off

Woodland cakes

    What celebration would be a celebration without cake!

    But this is forest school so our cakes need to just that little bit special.

    Happy 25th birthday Forest School

    For fun, we invite you to create playful celebration cakes to celebrate 25 years of UK Forest School.

    Ask the children what they would like their cake to be?  You decide.

    Here are some ideas to inspire you.

    • Make your cake from natural materials
    • Make a cake for your celebration using the campfire and dutch oven,
    • Do a drawing of the most amazing 25th birthday celebration cake
    • Perhaps you can make a cake for the animals of the woodland?

    Post the images of your magnificent 25th-year celebration cakes to our InstagramFacebookTwitter accounts or email them directly to our email at 123@forest We will post them up on our website, with your forest school name and link to your site.

    The more the merrier!