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A little help from our friends

Thank you, Chris and team

To get Forest School Day started has taken help from all sorts of people. We wanted to make sure our venture was set up in a way that is as an inclusive service to the forest school community. That is where Chris Triggs at Eastside comes in. Here how Eastside Primtimers has helped us.

Eastside Primetimers

Eastside Primetimers – the social sector consultants – have been providing step-change advice to charities and social enterprises for over a decade. Drawing on more than 1,400 capacity building assignments and the experiences of 120 social sector consultants located across the UK, we provide support to increase the capacity and effectiveness of not-for-profit organisations.

Forest School Day approached Eastside Primetimers for support in determining the most appropriate corporate structure for the company that sat behind the annual forest school celebration day.  We were happy to provide advice and guidance on the formation of the new company, including facilitating pro bono legal support for the incorporation of the new, non-profit company.  The work held particular resonance for us as a number of colleagues at Eastside Primetimers have children who regularly attend forest school.

Chris Triggs,

Associate Consultant, Eastside Primetimers


Setting us a new venture sometimes can be hard ,such as a new forest school or in our case a new national celebration day (no pressure). You have ideas, dreams of what it could be like and you can’t stop thinking about it. Then reality hits and you have to do that all familiar paperwork! Working with the third party to help you with this initial stage, in our case the company formation can make this task so much easier.  Working with Chris and his team at Eastside meant that I could get on with the creative aspects of the project and brought peace of mind that what Forest School Day was offering was both professional but of the highest standard. They have been simply brilliant and I think the forest school community derserve the best!

Katey Hugi, Founder, Forest School Day

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