I have an idea!

That’s how it started. An idea that would not go away. I asked why haven’t we got a special day for Forest School?

Forest School Day

We have been started specifically to build the framework in which forest school community can craft and have their own celebration day. 

The idea was simple. Organise a day where individuals can connect, share and celebrate UK Forest School at the same time:

CONNECT and make new friendships, renew old ones and connect with the woods.

SHARE our Forest School stories, and what forest school means to us,

CELEBRATE together in a Forest School values way, in your own woods, with our forest school group.  That is where Forest School Day comes in.  

Let the celebrations begin!

Last year UK Forest School was 25 years old. To mark the occasion an inclusive, annual Forest School Day was created by and for the forest school community.

A celebration - the forest school values way!

The Forest School Day project has been created to encourage us, the forest school community to connect, share and celebrate this milestone together and of course to celebrate it in a Forest School values way! Celebrate at local events or community eventsin your own Forest School setting, with your Forest School group but with a national scale.

Time to reflect!

Getting to 25 years of UK forest school is a pretty awesome achievement and we have arrived here because of the commitment and dedication of forest school individuals. Forest School Day is a wonderful, opportunity to reflect on the last 25 years, and look forward to the next!.