Forest School Funnies

Share Forest School funnies   What is brown and sticky? A stick! Forest School is full of laughter. Katey at FSD challenged Sandra Hill of The World Outdoors forest school to share with us her Forest School jokes. Here is what what happened next! Share… Read More »Forest School Funnies

Woodland cakes

Take Part

Join in There are some wonderful ways to join in with Forest School Day view our new Take part page for more details. Running a community celebration? Yes, that’s fabulous. We would love to hear how you will be celebrating, or if you are going… Read More »Take Part

Forest School Day 2019

Forest School Day October 11th, 2019 A dedicated annual event in which everyone involved in Forest School can CONNECT, SHARE and CELEBRATE their achievements. We invite you We invite you to join the second annual celebration of UK Forest School on or around October 11th,… Read More »Forest School Day 2019