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Time to have some fun!

We want to encourage joyful and playful celebrations that promote Forest School best practise, showcase Forest School and give recognition and say THANK YOU to all our dedicated leaders and supporters. But also share with others who are new to Forest School, what is Forest School and why it is simply so wonderful. 

We invite forest school individuals to craft local events and community events on the 8th of October, 2021 that are joyful and playful celebrations of forest school


But what makes a forest school celebration?

This is your chance to have your say and share your ideas and be listened to. We have been collecting ideas, from forest school people all over the UK. Ideas of what a Forest School Day celebration looks like and how to celebrate in a Forest School values way.

To inspire you and your choice of celebration we have drawn up some ideas to get you started and support you in planning your event. But remember Forest School sessions are child led, which leads to Forest School Day celebrations being people led! The exciting bit is that this is new so WE get to shape this. Here’s how.

Step 3: Celebrate

Time to decide the who, what, where, when and why?

Who? The Forest School D

ay theme this year is Gratitude.  We encourage you to get in touch with those people who have helped your Forest School and take this opportunity to let them know how grateful you are for their support. Woodland owners, parents, Forest School leader(s), local press, tree surgeons, past and present pupils.  Who is in your community?


What? We encourage celebrations in a Forest School values way. No balloons! but lots of hot chocolate, campfire cooking, leaf bunting, woodland games and Forest School stories. How will you celebrate? We would love to hear about your ideas, get in touch.

  • A session in the woods with hot chocolate, leaf bunting, natural mud cakes, woodland games, Forest School stories,  and THANK YOU awards?
  • Or in an assembly at school with past and present students, the woodland owner, supportive parents and local press? A presentation, poems or stories created by the children showcasing the best bits of Forest School?


When? This years day is October 8th 2021, if you can’t do this day. Celebrate a day the week before or after the 9th, when you can but remember to join in by posting your celebration images, videos comments and thank yous on Forest School Day Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  And check in on Forest School Day on the October 9th, 

Where? In your Forest School setting or in a separate venue to hold a larger crowd? What is the most appropriate for your group and of course what is best for your woodland setting? 

Why?  This is important. Right from the start, thinking about why you want to celebrate? Maybe to raise awareness for your Forest School. To strive for accreditation with the Forest School Association? To gain help with much-needed conservation work in your woodland? Or a fantastic excuse to have fun and thank all your supporters and to feel part of the wider forest school community.

Choose what type of event you want to run

Do you want to hold a small gathering for those in your Forest School? Perhaps you already know who you are going to be working with on the day and can ask them what they would like to do?

Local event – smaller celebrations held for you own Forest School group. Such as your current students, helpers and woodland owner.

Community event – larger celebrations open to a wider group such as local school, students from previous years and your cluster group.

Let us know you are holding an event?

We would be so grateful if you told us what you are doing for Forest School Day October 8th, 2021 celebrations. We want to track how many events are being held, the more the merrier. It will show the reach of Forest School. It would be so rewarding to see all of us celebrating all together! Register your event here.

Deliver a celebration the Forest School Way

Together we can craft what our celebrations look like. At Forest School Day we want to promote the Forest School best practice.  Over the next few weeks, we want to hear from you. Tell us what is important for our celebrations day. It is hot chocolate, stories, bunting games?