Frequently Asked questions

What is Forest School day?

Forest School Day, an annual day to CONNECT, SHARE and CELEBRATE all that is great and wonderful about UK Forest School

Forest School Day started a project started in 2018 to build a framework in which individuals who are involved with or have an interest in forest school can celebrate Forest School together on an annual dedicated day. 

While at the same time, we can raise awareness of the forest school ethos and best practices with all.

Who is behind forests school day?

Katey Hügi, a forest school leader, and director of Eco Tree Care & Conservation Ltd explored the idea of starting a national day for forest school in Dec 2017. 

In January to March of 2018, after researching how to create and implement a new national celebration day.  Katey produced a Forest School Day project plan. She aimed to define what would a forest school day look like, how would it be resourced? Importantly how to make it fun! 

Katey approached individuals from a cross-section of organisations with similar values, and individuals in the forest school community to support the project. Much to her relief, the idea was liked and Forest School Day was a go.

 In 2018 Forest School Day became a social enterprise, with Jon Cree and Jo Phillips joining as directors to support and help guide Forest School Day.

What day is Forest School Day 2020?

This year Forest School Day is being held on Friday, October 9th 2020.

Forest School Day is on the 2nd Friday of October each year. However, celebrations can be run a couple of weeks before and a few weeks after.

What if I can not celebrate on that day?

That is fine.  

As with many celebration days sometimes it is not possible to hold your event on the date of the formal day. If this is the case, hold your event, in and around October 9th and make sure you post your images, comments and likes of your celebration on the forest school day social media afterwards. 

Don’t forget to get in touch with the forest school day team to let us know that you are holding an event. 

Last year we had individuals running events all week for each of their groups! Fabulous.

Can I get in touch with you about something that is not on the list?

Of course! The quickest way to get in touch is to go to contact us section or you a can email us directly at 123@forestschoolday.org