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Forest School Day

October 8th, 2021

Let's do this together!

green hair forest school day boy

Connect, Share and Celebrate

An annual celebration day to connect, share and celebrate everything that is great and wonderful about forest school.  Now in its 4th year on October 8th 2021, we can’t wait to share with you how the forest school community are celebrating forest school!

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You are all invited, are you in?

It is easy to join in, register you celebration in a short online form or visit our website to find inspirations for your celebration.

What is Forest School Day?...

Join the community

We encourage local forest school communities to connect, share and celebrate forest school on October 8th, 2021.

How will you celebrate Forest School Day
I love forest school

Lets be social...

We make it easy for you to share the forest school day idea and inspire others by sharing your wonderful forest school stories, and celebration ideas.


Playful & joyful celebrations

We support you to craft your own forest school day celebration, local or community event ready for the week of October 8th and celebrate in the forest school values way.


How are other people celebrating? Here are some ideas from past celebrations?

Celebrations 2020 – Forest School Day

"Our school Forest School Teacher will be holding a coffee and tea cake morning for busy parents after the school run. All cooked around the campfire in our lovely school forest school site, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the 4 years of forest school and share the great memories."
Forest School Boy Smiles
"A celebration in the woods with our local Forest School Community."
Forest School Sit Spot
"It’s our first forest school session on our site in our recently developed forest area with our leader who has just been trained at level 3. Previously we have attended sessions at nearby forest school."
"We are celebrating that we have been doing forest school for 1 year and other children and parents are in love with it we are enjoying the new season and having first fire of this school year.!
East of England
"I will be running a Forest School session at my school and we will be celebrating FS Day by making crowns, playing games, reading poetry and sharing the joy of nature."
South east of England
Turkey Tavuklara ve Böceklere bakacağız! We will be looking at Chickens and Insects!
A young child smiling holding a white chicken in his arms
Necmiye Bilgin llkokulu,