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Jon Cree

My forest school story

Jon Cree forest school mud

I have been involved with Forest School for almost 20 years now, and a director of the Forest School Association. My main involvement has been in the capacity of supporting and training adults, playing with teenagers on big games and projects in the woods and connecting to small people and woodsie beings in Bishops Wood in Worcestershire – through to the maple woods of Canada and the deep red leaves of the forests of South Korea.

“My biggest pleasure is witnessing moments of bliss, being and deep connection with the non-human and human world”.

Jon Cree, Forest School Day and Forest School Association Director

Bow saw forest school

Jon has been a great supporter of the idea of forest school day and been instrumental to making it happen. Read what he had to say in 2018 about the first forest school day celebration.

Forest School Day

With this being the 25th anniversary of the start of ‘Forest School’ in the UK I am really looking forward to celebrating the fact that hundreds, maybe thousands of people all over the UK have been making long-term deeply felt connections to their local woods.  I am helping facilitate a new group that has just started coming out to our woods and they are loving the apples and damsons so our plan is to make some sort of woodsie cake and pay gratitude to the fruits of the forest….the fruits that give us energy and the fruits that give us joy, peace and a place for unfettered play!


Jon is a member of the Forest School Association and was part of the Forest School Day working group in 2018, together with Jo Phillips and Katey Hügi. Working together on a common object of promoting forest school best practice.