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Connecting, sharing and celebrating all that is great and good about forest school.

Connect, Share, Celebrate


In 2018 UK Forest School was 25-years old, to mark the occasion Forest School Day was created. Created by, and for the forest school community. Forest School Day’s mission is to build a framework in which we can has been a great success with celebrations being held in 14 counties last year.  Following calls from international forest schools this year Forest School Day has gone international. 

Event Date

October 9th, 2020

Head Office Location

Hertfordshire, with celebrations UK-wide

Team size

3 in the central team, general public support nationwide

Fundraising status

Seeking sponsorship

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Press releases

October 7th 2019
Forest School Day a new annual celebration of forest school!


Forest School Day a new annual celebration of forest school

Connecting, sharing and celebrating all that is great and wonderful about forest school.

Forest School Day (FSD), October 9th 2020 is the second annual celebration of UK forest school. FSD was launched in 2018 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the start of UK forest school. We are inviting the forest school community to hold local community celebrations with their forest school community in their forest school settings. Creating inclusive, playful and joyful celebrations, full of laughter, forest school stories, campfire cooking, woodland games and leaf bunting. Celebrations the forest school values way! no balloons but lots of leaf bunting, woodland games, campfire cooking and of course hot chocolate! 

10 ideas to get your celebrations kick-started

New this year our a Resource Centre.

Forest school has been connecting children and adults to nature for 25 years. 

Key features
  • Connecting, sharing and celebrating all that is great and wonderful about UK Forest School. 
  • The annual celebration is October 9th, 2020. 
  • Forest School community is invited to celebrate by holding local and community events across the UK. 
  • Forest school day is a social enterprise. It’s a mission to establish a new annual celebration day for forest school. One that connects people to nature and promotes forest school best practice. 
  • Forest School Day is a playful, inclusive and joyful idea. 
The back story

It was an idea that would not go away. Katey Hügi, founder of Forest School Day, a forest school leader for 8 years asked: “Why does forest school not have a celebration day?” Katey with the help of Jon Cree and Jo Phillips have created Forest School Day as a social enterprise, and are dedicated to establishing a national celebration day for UK forest school community.



Demographics of the forest school community
Over 14, 000 estimated UK Forest School Practitioners
  • Leaders
  • Trainers
  • Supporters/Helpers
  • Students
  • Cluster Groups
  • Woodland Owners
Response in first year (2018)
Website views over 9,000 times
Celebration in 14 counties in 2019
International sign ups in 2020


Press mentions
  • Muddy Faces newsletter
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Muddy faces will definitely celebrating Forest School day hoorraahhhh!!!!

Liz Edwards 

Muddy Faces Founder

The Founder & Directors

Katey Hügi

Forest School Day Founder

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Katey Hugi
Jon Cree

Forest School Day Director

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Jon Cree

Katey has been a forest school leader for 10 years. She is the director of Eco Tree Care & Conservation Ltd for 14 years and she is passionate about connecting children and adults to nature.  Katey formed Forest School Day as a way of thank you to individuals in the forest school community for all their commitment and dedication to forest school.

Jon has been involved with forest school in Worcester and at a national level since 1999, as a practitioner, trainer, and Forest School Association director and now Forest School Day Director. He loves connecting folks to through story.