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Muddy Faces

Muddy Faces
Muddy faces

I first became involved with Forest School in 2000 and the whole experience had a profound effect on my life. I became a full-time Forest School Leader and went on to establish a Forest School training company.  Now, through Muddy Faces, I get to support Forest School Leaders and understand the unique and wonderful work that they do. It’s really exciting to see a Forest School day and to celebrate all that is Forest School. Hopefully, over time, it will become a great focus for raising awareness.

children in hammocks
throwing a rope into the tree

I am now working on a very exciting project,  the Outdoor hub, an online resource which already has a huge amount of material available and has been developed for sharing outdoor events, activities and information. This will be a great place to let people know about Forest School day.

Muddy Faces will definitely be celebrating Forest School day hoorraahhhh!!!!

Liz Edwards,

Muddy Faces Founder

Child moving log


Liz Edwards has been providing fabulous and high-quality support to forest leaders for years, through her training provision and her fabulous forest school, outdoor play and learning company Muddy Faces.   Katey Hugi first met Liz at the very first forest school association conference, where Liz showed her how to make leaf printing. Or as it is known formally, Hapa Zome, the Japanese art of beating up leaves with hammers, pounding natural pigment into cloth. find out how it is done Hapa Zome Muddy Faces outdoor hub 

Leaf bunting it a fabulous idea to include in your forest school celebration,  For inspiration for celebration day activities, why not visit the Muddy Faces hub and the section dedicated to Forest School. 

Read about others helping forest school day in Our community page.