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Press release 2020

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Press Release

For immediate release. September, 27th 2020.

Forest School Day

Our third annual celebration of forest school!

Connecting, sharing and celebrating all that is great and wonderful about UK forest school.

Forest School Day (FSD), October 9th 2020 is the third annual celebration of UK forest school. FSD was launched in 2018 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the start of UK forest school. We are inviting the forest school community to hold local and community celebrations with their forest school community in their forest school settings. Creating inclusive, playful and joyful celebrations, full of laughter, forest school stories, campfire cooking, woodland games and leaf bunting. Celebrations the forest school values way! no balloons but lots of leaf bunting, woodland games, campfire cooking and of course hot chocolate! 10 ideas to get your celebrations kick-started

“UK Forest school has been connecting children and adults to nature for over 25 years.” 

Forest School Day is a chance to thank individuals for their commitment and dedication to forest school. Our mission is to be the catalsyt to inspire individuals from the forest school community to celebrate together, to design, create and deliver a forest school day we can be proud of and one that promotes best practice. To collect and share inspirational forest shool stories, resources and ideas tosupport the 2020 celebrations.


In the UK we have over 14,000 forest school leaders. ALthough this figure is uninstantiated and there is thought to many 1000’s more that this. Many thousands of children attend a regular forest school programme. The forest school community has been invited to hold local or community celebrations across the UK for their local forest school community in their own forest school setting. Celebrations the forest school way! The website is the hub of the information on Forest School Day. Forest school has 6 good practise principles Forest school has a forest school association who promotes best practice and “quality forest school for all” This release will help us to spread the message to the wider community that they are invited to join in.

The 2019 Forest School Day was a great success with celebrations being held in over the UK in 14 counties. Follow calls from forest schools across the world this year Forest School day is open to international event registrations. 

This year the Forest SChol Day is focusing on creating inclusive playful  and joyful forest school day celebrations, the forest school values way! and ask the question “why are you grateful for forest school?”

“I may have the idea but it is going to take a community to make it happen!.” – Katey Hugi, Founder of Forest School Day

“I may have the idea but it is going to take a community to make it happen!.”

Katey Hugi, Founder of Forest School Day

About Forest School Day

Katey Hügi came up with the idea of an annual forest school day as a way to thank individuals in the forest school community for their dedication and commitment to forest school. Forest School day’s mission is to create a recognised National Forest School Day framework for this year and paving the way for future years. Designed for and by the Forest School Community and promoting best practice.

Press Contact

Please feel free to contact Katey Hügi for further information. On the day of the event, email contact is best method, I will be in the woods co-ordinating celebrations and mobile reception will be poor.

Name: Katey Hugi
Phone: 07841055922
Press Kit: press release
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