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Sharing the idea...

The idea is simple, organise a dedicated day where individuals can connectshare and celebrate Forest School together in a Forest School Values way. An annual opportunity to connect with our woods and say thank you those who support us with our Forest School.

Now in our fifth year we have built a framework in which to celebrate Forest School and pave the way to hold future annual celebrations.  We have a platform where we can share resources, ideas, create joyful discussions, read inspirational stories, and share hints and tips on how to run a successful Forest School Day celebration. 

So now it’s over to you, the more people know about Forest School Day the better. It’s easy to join in here’s how.

"Forest School Day is our way to give recognition and thanks to individuals in the Forest School community for their dedication and commitment to Forest School"
Katey Hügi
Forest School Day founder and Director

Tell them about "What we do"

We have made it easy to share the Forest School aims with one page campaign landing page.

Connect, Share and Celebrate Forest School. 

Let everyone know...

It’s that simple really, share the idea of Forest School Day with your Forest School community, family and friends. See if they want to get involved in a people led Forest School celebration. 

Start now, it will be something to look forward to and an excuse to talk about Forest School!

Go viral

Consider sharing the Forest School day idea, and your celebration ideas for others on our Facebook page, Twitter account. Sharing your own experience in Forest School stories to inspire others. Upload your celebration images to Instagram, or send us your YouTube videos. 

Email us at and let us know that you’re in and going to hold a celebration.

Thank you!

Time to have some fun. Find inspiration here on our Celebrations page .