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UK Celebrations

Playful and Joyful celebrations

We are so grateful to you all, we have been hearing from the forest school community all over the UK on how they are going to celebrate Forest School Day this year.  We have picked a few from last year to help inspire you. To share with us your celebration ideas is easy, first,

  1. Complete our short online registration form and then,
  2.  Use #ForestSchoolDay to post your ideas and images of your celebrations and inspire others and share your gratitude of forest school with a simple message on instagram.

How are you going to celebrate?

Be inspired by the wonderful celebrations in 2021

hot kettle on lit camp fire


Learning in Nature

“We will be sharing the message here in Finland and with our international networks”


South London, England

Griffin Primary School

“We are celebrating the fact that Forest School in our urban, inner city London state school is common practice. We will be running our ‘normal’ Friday with Nursery out all morning, and Reception out all afternoon!”

willow weaving

Crown Dependencies

Forest School Leader Maria Sprostranova

“Will be running Forest School sessions at 3 different schools over the period so will make sure we all celebrate! Building stages – making poetry – music- dance – song – celebrating in whichever way the children wish to.”

wonder oneness

Bodmin Cornwall, England

Badger Forest School & Outdoor learning

“We will be sharing our support to our social media community as well as enjoying our woodland setting with our families and friends.”

Forest School Day



“Autumn bath in the lake.”

Hertfordshire, England

Little Hadham Primary School

Each year group will spend half a day in the school wood during the week. The children are eagerly looking forward to cooking, whittling, cooking on open fire and using Kelly kettle. Playing forest games and making dens and shelters. Making fairy homes and nests for Boggle eggs. Climbing trees and making swings. We are a Forest School and love it all.

Ross-shire, Scotland

Kinder Croft CIC

“We are celebrating Forest School Day and the last day of term, at our registered Outdoor Nursery, with den building, campfire cooking and fun and games in the woods.”

West Sussex, England

Bee in the woods

“We will be enjoying seasonal forest school activities, including a camp fire with some campfire cooking, songs and stories.”

Willow weaving basket

Herefordshire, England


“We will be making mud faces and weaving willow into interesting shapes throughout the week. Finally we will be holding a tea party.”