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Launch of Forest School Day

When I last joined a Forest School it was with a group of teenage boys who were struggling at school with issues of behaviour and concentration, but their day in the woods changed things for them.  They plucked and prepared wood pigeons, taking one each and using sharp knives, then they cooked them over a fire which they’d built themselves.  Once cooked the pigeon breasts were delicious and the boys tentatively tried eating *their* wood pigeons.  They looked up to their leaders who were qualified and experienced, but also clearly loved teaching and revelled in the outdoors. Issues of poor behaviour and lack of concentration couldn’t have been more distant. has always been very enthusiastic about Forest School which totally complements our vision of getting more people into woodlands so they can learn bushcraft activities in a hands-on way.  Indeed the company has sold many of woodland to people who want to use them for Forest School, as well as to many private owners who have allowed their woods to be used for Forest School.

Katey Hugi has had a long association with the company and she’s always been enterprising in that way that picks up the important gaps that everyone else has missed, and First Forest School Day, a not-for-profit venture, is exactly this – a way to promote Forest School that “needed to be done”.    At we have also tried to promote Forest School through our annual awards which have a category for best Forest Schools:

“The celebration of 25 years of UK Forest School is a great time to get Forest School Day established.  I believe October 12th will be the beginning of something big”.

Angus Hanton,



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