International FSD Celebrations

Following calls from Forest Schools around the world in 2020, last year Forest School Day extended our welcome to international Forest Schools. I am so excited to announce that we have multiple Forest School Day celebrations happened internationally in The Philippines, The USA, Canada and Turkey.

In 2021 we are looking forward to welcoming celebrations from Forest Schools in Brazil, Finland, IndiaSingapore and Australia. We keep posting the registrations!

We asked "How will you celebrate on Forest School day" ?


Forest School Philippines

To celebrate Forest School Day, we are sending out postcards featuring Forest Fruits in the Philippines. Send us a DM in Instagram to receive one!#ForestSchoolDay to see how we are celebrating.

A young child smiling holding a white chicken in his arms


Necmiye Bilgin llkokulu,

Tavuklara ve Böceklere bakacağız!

We will be looking at Chickens and Insects!

Forest School Boy Smiles


Bursa Orman Okulu

We will be in woodland today. Singing songs about nature, dancing, etc. are some of our activities.

Forest School Boy Smiles

Instanbul, Turkey

Necmiye Bilgin Ä°lkokulu,

Necmiye Bilgin Primary School

We organize trial events with various schools in Ä°stanbul to show how beautiful it can be in the forest.

Forest School Boy Smiles

Alanya/Tosmur, Turkey


Doğanın güzellikleriyle yaşamak mutlu eder.Kuş sesleri,akan bir suyun sesi bizi dinlendirir.

It makes us happy to live with the beauty of nature. Bird sounds and the sound of a flowing water relax us.



Moretown Elementary School ECO Program!

We will gather in our outdoor classrooms and celebrate the beauty of Vermont and the natural world around us!

Forest Schooled

Ottawa, Canada

Forest Schooled, @forestschooled

I’d love to support how I can,  I’m really looking forward to seeing more of what people get up to in the coming weeks!Please share this blog post “Forest School Perspectives” from an international perspective

Hand in hand logo


Hand-In-Hand Nature Education

Our 8 Nature Educators and 48 forest friends are celebrating the day by engaging in nature-based and child-led activities in the forest and on the beach!

Hand in hand logo

British Columbia, Canada

Hand-In-Hand Nature Education

October 9th happens to be the last day before Thanksgiving here in Canada. Our Forest and Nature school takes place in a historic park that used to be a settle village for Chinese Miners in Cumberland in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Although none of the buildings exist any more, there are many apple trees growing in the forest, left over from their time. 

So this week, we have harvested apples, will process them and enjoy a yummy treat together on Friday to celebrate. Usually, we celebrate Thanksgiving (also because it’s this time of the school year where the group comes together and finds it’s groove), but we can also celebrate Forest School Day! 

Thank you for organizing! Perhaps next year we can organize something bigger!


Joining in Forest School Day is easy. Register your celebration here.